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About the Digital Archive

Team members working in the digitization lab.

Distinctive content for research and teaching

The Digital Archive provides long-term access to thousands of unique digital assets related to Reno and Northern Nevada. Topics like the natural environment, mining, and cartography are strongly represented in the collections. The materials in the archive also include a variety of formats, from historical images to digital correspondence and oral histories.

Drawn from campus and community sources

A variety of departments in the Libraries contribute materials to the repository, including: the DeLaMare Science and Engineering Library, the Jon Bilbao Basque Library, and the Special Collections and University Archives department. A growing number of campus and organizations in the community also feature materials here. Those organizations include: ASUN, the City of Reno, two Washoe County agencies, the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, and several museums on campus.

Need some additional context?

Many of the objects in our repository come from archival collections, which means there is often additional information about their origin and context. This information is online and can be explored for several institutions: